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Donna is my go to for any issues I'm having with mobility/pain. On top of increased mobility and smoother recovery between training sessions, Donna provides priceless information about the inner workings of your body. She will address immediate pain, but more importantly get to the root cause of the issue. Before working with Donna, I was stuck in an endless loop of other therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc., that would treat the symptoms of the issue (mobility restriction/joint pain/longer recovery time) instead of treating the cause. I was wasting time, money, and falling into a vicious cycle of pain...ease symptom...pain...another therapist...going nowhere. Donna works to cure whats causing the issue and then gives you the tools to fix it yourself.
Training hard week after week is very demanding, and regular body work from Donna has helped me stay consistent and recover quickly. I can train harder, longer, and more effective, which helps me get closer and closer to my goals. Whether your an athlete looking to improve or maintain performance, or someone who just wants to resolve pain, Donna can work to heal your body

My incredible body worker and owner of Bellaire Massage Donna Freeman is in the running for the Chase Bank grant for small businesses. Please help Donna by voting for her! She needs additional votes to be in the running. I have used Donna's services for several years and her work is incredible. She uses different techniques - not only massage - all based on the neurological connections of how we move and where we have blockages. I have learned so much from Donna. She is one of those people who truly is about sharing and teaching as well.
from yelp

Donna provides an amazing massage and so much more! She is highly skilled, educated, and incorporates Z-health into her practice. She assessed me, gave me a couple muscle-activation drills, and made improvements before the massage even began! I was able to continually see improvement the next day during training. And the massage was the best! I love that she is focused on longevity, injury proofing, and functionality. Can't wait to go back!

​ I was searching for a skilled massage therapist to help me with some running pain that I had been experiencing for many months but I was running through it. I had tried a couple Thai massage places and did not find them effective. I was looking for someone who knows muscle anatomy and can determine which muscle is involved. I found Donna after reading some of her reviews and she was exactly the answer I was looking for. 

Donna goes beyond massage to provide physical therapy to her clients. She was able to determine where the problem was, which muscles were involved, and then specific techniques to help activate the locked up muscles including using the central nervous system to help stimulate affected areas. She spent extra time assessing the injury, then watching my running technique and helping me to understand why this is going on. She gave me new stretches and techniques for realigning my foot strike so that I would start to gain back the balance. I was favoring one side for so long due to the pain that I affected more than just the aggravated muscle. Donna was able to get to the heart of it so it could be treated. Then, through massage, she continues to work on the area. She gives a wonderful massage.

If you have specific pain or injuries and need someone who knows the body and how to bring back balance, Donna will help you. If you just want a great massage, you will love her too. She can provide much more than any other massage therapist, anywhere. She will get your body working again and keep it that way.

I've gone to several massage therapists and Donna is the best you will find!  She is one of the most educated therapists I know.  She knows her craft well, and will help cure your ailments with all the techniques she knows.  She takes the time to get to the root of your problem and solve it.  

If you are having any issues with pain, go see Donna!  You won't regret it.

Donna Freeman was recommended to me by an internationally known muscle realignment therapist. I've been thoroughly impressed with Donna since day one. She eliminated chronic pain in my hip in one visit. She has an incredible knowledge of how the body works (muscles, fascia, nerves, brain, etc) to effectively locate and eliminate the source of pain. She utilizes many proven pain relief techniques not used by any other therapists in the Houston area. Her "homework" (exercises, stretches, breathing) assignments help reinforce the healing process I've been to dozens of therapists for chronic pain and Donna is hands down the BEST I've ever experienced. She is outstanding in her field and is always perfecting her craft by learning the latest techniques at national and international massage therapy workshops. If you're searching for a caring, compassionate, intuitive and effective massage therapist, there's no one better than Donna Freeman.

Donna's name was given to me by my physical therapist to help me with some chronic issues involving muscles and pain. Her knowledge of physiology and her ability to pin point the source of the problem was simply amazing. I have already recommended her to several friends and I gave my daughter a couple of sessions with Donna as a gift. I am amazed at the difference after just one session. My "homework" has been keeping me busy too.

I had a wonderful added bonus when she explained to me that I was not breathing correctly. She gave me some brief instructions and some breathing exercises and the difference is already noticeable. Her attention to total health and her genuine concern for her clients is so refreshing. I can't recommend her enough.

Donna works in mysterious (but effective ways). When I was in pain she did something in what I thought was a completely unrelated area and it worked! This voodoo stuff works. She has a lot of knowledge about how the body is wired but she also can figure out how we are individually messed up and account for that. The BEST in Houston.
Greatest massage therapist ever! by Marimac at Citysearch When my massage therapist of 9 years retired, I spent over a year trying to find one who could match him. Then, someone recommended Donna (Bellaire Massage Therapy), and I have been going to her ever since. I work at a computer. Without her excellent therapeutic massage, I wouldn't be able to do my work without constant pain. You can't lose by choosing Donna Freeman as your massage therapist.
Best in Texas by SugarLandSugarBaby at Citysearch Donna is an excellent therapeutic massage therapist. She is professional, caring and effective. If you are in pain, she will find the cause and work to put you back to health. She is particularly good at increasing range of motion and eliminating chronic issues. She is truly the best!
Amazing Massage! by cardmel atCitysearch I had the best massage EVER from Donna the first time I visited Bellaire Massage Therapy. I appreciate her knowledge of the body and the ability to apply deep pressure. I would definitely recommend Bellaire Massage Therapy for exceptional massages. I only wish I had the opportunity to visit more often.

Golden Hands by texasyaya at Citysearch Easy location, easy parking. Not a fancy "SPA" atmosphere, just good healing massage. Excuse me while I call to make my next appt.. Pros: Strong healing hands

GREAT THERAPY!! by kosupply at Citysearch I have been going to Donna for 8 years . I go once a week and this is definitley one of the highlights of the week. I am very physically active and DOnna has helped keep me going!! Pros: Strong hands for deep tissue massage Cons: NONE

The very best by Robh at Citysearch When my usual massage therapist wasnt able to see me about my lower back pain, I told him that I was in severe pain and that I would try another therapist. Unfortunately for him, I found Bellaire Massage and havent seen my old therapist since. I have beeing going to Bellaire Massage for nearly 3 years now and WOW, what great therapy. As somewhat of a massage snob, I am very critical and difficult to please but have yet to be dissapointed in my decision to become a Bellaire Massage client. I need very deep tissue work and Donna is the only one who has ever been able to massage me deep enough. Highly recomend. Pros: Great massage, never short on the time, wonderfulCons: none
Best Hands in Town! by RealtorofChoice at Citysearch I have been going to Bellaire Massage from the time of its inception. I don't remember the exact year, but I believe that it's been about 10 years. The very first time that Donna Freeman put her hands on my back, I knew I had found a special masseuse. She is able to regulate the pressure according to the need, and can alleviate muscle pain, soreness, restricted range of motion in a single visit. I cannot say enough fine things about the results that I have had over the years! She is really outstanding in her field, and I am so happy that she is conveniently located to my home and work. Although, if she weren't, I would drive across Houston to have a massage from her, instead of going elsewhere. You will not be disappointed. My recommendation is a 10 out of 10! Pros: Deep Relaxation and Improved Range of MotionCons: Donna Freeman is only one person!

Best Massage and an Amazing Value by M in Bellaire at Citysearch Donna is the best massage therapist around and always fixes what ails me. I love that her office is easy in and out, non pretentious, no slippers and robes...just a really great massage at an amazing price. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Pros: No frills, easy, best massage you can haveCons: None
Houston's Best Massage Therapist by wireyme at Citysearch Donna is the best massage therapist that I ever had and I have had massage therapy for years. She listens to the body and knows exactly what to do. None of the frills, just excellent therapy. She keeps me moving!!!!!!!!!!!!! Source: http://houston.citysearch.com/profile/36884930/bellaire_tx/bellaire_massage_therapy.html#profileTab-reviews