Donna Freeman, LMT, NKT, MAT

“I have been located in Bellaire, TX for over 17 years where I extended my education and knowledge base in many massage techniques including Deep Tissue,  Therapeutic Massage,  Sports Massage, Muscle Testing, NKT, FMS, Restorative Breathing, Anatomy in Motion, Medicupping, Corrective Exercise, Dynamic Stretching, Muscle Release, Trigger Point, Muscle Stripping. Z Health. Reflexology”


Donna tailors her appointment time to meet each individual’s unique needs. Donna Freeman offers over fourteen years of hands on experience and a combined total of over 1500 hours of instruction.

Professional Experience

Donna Freeman LMT, NKT, MAT, Structured Joint Balancing, found her way into massage therapy sort of by accident. After she helped a supervisor reduce her migraine pain, the woman encouraged Donna to enter the massage field to help others as she had helped her. Since that first experience of helping reduce someone’s pain where other therapies had failed, Donna’s passion has been to provide relief to those who are suffering. Massage therapy and the other related fields she has mastered also allow her to help her clients improve all aspects of their lives and reach their fullest human potential.


For Donna, graduating from massage school in 2001 with honors was only the first step. Seeing the body as an amazing movement machine, she sought out the great teachers in massage and many other related fields, which has allowed her to develop a practice that offers a wide variety healing options to her clients.

Continuing education plays an essential role in Donna’s success. The many disciplines she has studied have allowed her to see a client’s body and its problems as a whole and to plan each session to fit the client’s individual needs. After completing her massage therapy training and certification, Donna became interested in helping clients incorporate correct stretching techniques and body work with the “active release” technique. She next achieved advanced certification in myoskeletal alignment, or structural integration. Then, she earned level 1 certification in neurokinetic therapy (NKT), which treats dysfunction instead of chasing pain; she is currently working toward certification at level 2.


Her next challenge was functional improvement screen (FMS) with corrective exercise, which works out asymmetries for whole-body wellness, helping clients build mobility and then stability. Donna’s training also includes myofascial release (for TMJ), trigger-point therapy (a muscle stripping technique), orthopedic massage, PNF stretching, sports injury, sports massage, postural correction, dynamic stretching, restorative breathing, core training, advanced injury, plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel modalities, kinesiology taping, and FAKTR, instrument-assisted massage.MRT is stretch with muscle stripping. Foot reflexology, and raindrop therapy, which uses essential oils that work while the client is in a deeply relaxed state.


The combination of an amazing intuitive ability with her many skills provides her clients with a whole-health experience. Donna’s thirst for knowledge leads her to continually seek out the best classes to teach her new ways to relieve pain and improve the lives of her clients.

Customized Appointments Tailored To Your Needs.

Professional Education & Certifications

FAKTR – Manual & Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue
Z Health 

Certificates in  Essentials,  R-Phase, T-Phase, I-Phase, Structure, Sustenance & Spirit.

Movement Re-education Specialist,  Movement Integration Specialist.

Advanced Deep Tissue
Hot Stones Massage
Foot Reflexology
Essential Oils & RainDrop Therapy
Anatomy in Motion
NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 2 Certified
Personal Training Certified
Shoulder Rehabilitation Continue Education
Back Rehabilitation Continue Education
Muscle Release Technique
Advanced Deep Tissue
Restorative Breathing