Z health Specialist & Therapeutic Massage  


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Donna Freeman LMT 030095     ME 3096


Does your pain complaints keep recurring?   Do you feel that others have chased the pain?  I assess & help correct the cause of dysfunction, not the symptoms,  Z Health, NKT and the other amazing modalities in my tool box get you back to living your best life.    Integrated Wellness Bodywork & Massage. 

Half kneel standing - a great way to activate your glutes!!

Pain & Performance Solutions             

Serving the Bellaire & Houston Area for 16 years!

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Z Health Drills - brain science based  to lessen the threat of the CNS to unleash Strength , Flexibility and clear up your gait.   Tools to future proof your body. 


Maximizing Movement

Quality of Life Improvement

I help you learn to work with your body to restore mobility & strength through Z health drills.  Muscle Testing and Activation, and concentrated, specialized exercises. Mixed with the benefits of Massage Therapy!

Chronic pain and movement limitation mean that you enjoy your life less. I help find what is wrong and also find out what you want to be able to do physically. I can help you heal your body so you can live your fullest life.